Easy (no power tools) mobile workspace with storage for large paper

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This is a work space set up in a small rental apartment's fully carpeted  'living / dining' area.  (The plush carpet was brand new. ..and I work with oils, acrylics, inks and other bad things for carpets. EeK!)

Step 1: What you need

HOLLOW DOORS - hopefully second hand and free

2x4's - the same width as the doors  to act as spacers (most lumber stores will cut them for you)

BASE SUPPORTS =  two things of the same height  one for each end. 
      Almost anything sturdy will work - saw horses, milk crates, end tables, filing cabinets, concrete blocks, etc

(I prefer a height that is just above my knees...so there is room to store boxes underneath.  The higher your bottom shelf, the more stable the supports need to be.  If you have a lot of paper to store, you could  start the shelves at your ankles - leaving just enough room for your feet to fit underneath.)

FREEZER PAPER (optional)


I love this, and the note for the salt and pepper was amusing. XD

mole1 (author)  StarscreamClone1 year ago

Couldn't resist

this is a great idea, I am always looking for extra space.

mole1 (author)  Fikjast Scott1 year ago


gbellton1 year ago
What if I were to get doors smaller and just divide the dimensions
mole1 (author)  gbellton1 year ago

Thanks for looking, gbellton. It should work just as well. Intuitively, the smaller the footprint, the lower you'll want the center of gravity.

Kjata10131 year ago
This is pretty cool. And the spacers don't fall over? They stay put even if it's jostled?
mole1 (author)  Kjata10131 year ago
They don't fall over. Maybe an earthquake that tossed the whole thing up in the air would let them fall. A jostle would have to lift the whole door at least 1/4 inch to push the "2x4" over. In several decades I have never had one tip over, but I don't work from the ends. I also don't have people around who would crash into the ends.

If it were a problem in an unusual situation, say one where people were likely to lean their full weight against the ends of the doors, one could screw or nail or glue an addition piece of 2x4 to each spacer (making at least a section of it 4x4), or even better, at the back add a piece - so the spacer looks like a T from above.
Thank you! Sorry if I sounded incredulous. That clears it up for me. I don't work from the ends, but I am a klutz. (^_^) I'm definately going to build this. Thanks again!
mole1 (author)  Kjata10131 year ago
I had doubts too when I first tried it. After all, it's almost too easy not to have major flaws somewhere. :) In my head it's not a good idea free standing.... but I haven't tried that because I do bump and lean against it.
lpyle1 year ago
I think I might do something like this for my apartment just need to find the materials, I really like the of the board on the wall as well
mole1 (author)  lpyle1 year ago
If you can't find a source for free hollow doors, most lumber stores have new doors. In 2009, 80x30 hollow doors were about $20 each. Some places even deliver free. Apartment complexes are always replacing doors, so your maintenance person may have some that are damaged on only one side. Worth a try.

For the board on the wall to hang stuff on... it's easiest to lay out your stuff along the board on the floor and then pound in nails or brads where you need them before you put the board on the wall.
Very cool! I like your tags: this, that and.... salt & pepper, of course!
mole1 (author)  MossdaleMakerspace1 year ago
:D I couldn't resist the salt and pepper. Glad you like the idea!
foobear3 years ago
genius storage idea!
mole1 (author)  foobear3 years ago
Thank you! Are you an artist too?
foobear mole13 years ago
a long time wanna be! =)
l8nite4 years ago
I really like this idea
mole1 (author)  l8nite4 years ago
Thanks, l8nite! I didn't know before moving there that door stores gave away used doors. Such a deal!