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I was looking at doing a bit of bowfishing for flatfish  with a slingbow, but finding supplies and equipment here in the UK was a massive pain and proved to be very expensive by comparison to the prices in the US. Bowfishing in fresh water is illegal here, but as I use the set up to shoot fish in the shallows along the beach, it's all good! :D

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need for This Project...

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A bit of spare paracord
Leatherman Wave / Pliers
A safety pin
A Lighter
A medium sized barrel swivel
An arrow with a screw on/off arrowhead

Step 2:

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We need need of the inner strands for this, so clip an end and pull one free.

Step 3:

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Tie a self locking know down by the vanes, this will act as a stop point for the swivel

Step 4:

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Slide a medium sized swivel down the line, this will allow the line to pass freely along the arrow's length and to come free neatly of the bow mounted reel.

Step 5:

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The same way we as by the vanes, tie off a self locking knot to stop the swivel from coming free, use the lighter carefully to tidy up the snipped ends

Step 6:

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Take off the arrow head and prepare to make the barb with a safety pin. The beauty of this is after we shoot a fish, we can take the head off and slide it off easily

Step 7:

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Clip the pin as shown

Step 8:

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Open up the bend slightly and slip it over the barrel section

Step 9:

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Screw back down, and bend the barbs in line with the shaft

Step 10:

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One finished fishing arrow, with slider, just tie it off to your mainline and shoot!


FastArcher (author)2014-03-12

Great job i did the same thing but with tin

toggas (author)2013-11-02

i was going to go buy one but now i will make my own, good job

iminthebathroom (author)2013-08-06

simple and elegant

Eli'sa (author)2017-10-17

what's to knot called?

Great job btw

Errol1951 (author)2016-02-02

I couldn't quite understand how you made the swivel slider until I had a look at another post do you glue or seal the knots to stop them moving

Think_Design_Build (author)2015-02-10

Would bending the pin back again to make barbs be helpful?

yes, you bend them back down in-line with the shaft

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