Introduction: Cheap N' Cute Mickey Mouse Hat

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Recently I took a trip to the Disney store and they didn't have a Mickey Mouse hat so I decided to make one. This only cost me $1.

Step 1: Materials: (you'll Need This for the Project , Duh!)

Picture of Materials: (you'll Need This for the Project , Duh!)

First gather your materials:

Old Black Cap (I had one)

White felt (50 cents)

Red felt (50 cents)

Pen or sharpie


Thread (any color)


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

An afternoon

Also not pictured a circular object and some tape

Step 2: Tracing the Front of the Cap!

Picture of Tracing the Front of the Cap!

Once you have gathered all materials you can lay the red felt on the part of the cap that blocks the sun. Then tape it down and start tracing around the front. Finally after tracing cut it out and see if it fits over it.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Front!

Picture of Finishing Up the Front!

After you have the main part of the front cap there will be the very corners of the cap to fill in. To fill it in take a corner or flat side of felt and put the corner to line it up with the edge of the hat of the main part and trace it out and cut. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: The Buttons!

Picture of The Buttons!

To make Mickey's Buttons you can use the off white or white felt to trace out a medium sized circle that will fit in the front. I traced the circumference of a roll of electrical tape and cut it out. Once you have 2 cut it out position it on the front red piece and sew it on. Make sure you don't sew to the hat!

Step 5: Ear Time!

Picture of Ear Time!

Using a circular object trace 4 pieces of felt out and cut it out. Once you have all of the circles cut you can put a small pile of left over felt in it and start sewing it to another circle. You will need 2 of these ears.

Step 6: Assembly!

Picture of Assembly!

To put all the pieces together you will use hot glue. To put the front piece of felt on line it up and start adding a lot of hot glue on the edges and middle. To do the triangles in the corner line it up and glue it. The ears are the trickiest part. To glue the ears apply some glue on the top of the hat and put the ear on top making sure it is the way you want it. Repeat on the other ear and your finished.

Step 7: FINISHED!!!

Picture of FINISHED!!!

You can wear it but since it's black and it absorbs sunlight I will keep it in my room but you can do anything.

Step 8: Thank You and Vote and Disclaimer

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Thanks for reading.

Please vote for me in a contest.

Please point out and grammar mistakes that 5th graders do not know.

I am not responsible for you being burnt. That is your fault for messing up. Nah I'm just kiddin'. But it's not my fault.

Also I am not associated or endorsed with the DISNEY company. If you go somewhere with disney and they sue you too bad for you.


tomatoskins (author)2015-06-18

This turned out looking great! Thanks for sharing! I love Mickey hats!

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