Like so many other people, I too have bad handwriting. Pens with large grips usually make my chicken scratch writing barely legible but I hate paying 3 dollars for one pen that I will most definitely lose or run out of ink on. So I had the idea to hack my cheap 100 for a dollar pens with Sugru. The nice thing is if I run out of ink or if i lose the pen its no big deal. All i used was one packet of Sugru, scissors, a sharpie and a cheap pen.

Step 1: Materials

Bare Necessities - Pen, sugru, scissors 
Extras- sharpies or other decorating utensils, glitter ect.
Nice job on your first instructable! I like how it's a customizable pen grip. You might want to rethink the "cheap" label, though. Using one packet of Sugru on the pen will cost roughly $1.30. One can find an 8 pack of pen grips on Amazon for $3.49, which translates to about 44 cents each. If the pen is translucent, what about pouring paint on the inside (and dumping out excess) instead for a smoother coat of color?

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