Cheap Pen Gun- All You Need Is a Retractable Pen!





Introduction: Cheap Pen Gun- All You Need Is a Retractable Pen!

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This is a simple low-cost pen gun. Its simple because you don't need any tools.
WARNING!!!! this is a dangerous tool. I will not be held responsible for any lawsuits that occur

Step 1: Make the Gun

now, what you need to do is to unscrew the top from the base. take the ink out. put it in the upside down top.

UPDATE: you need to stuff a wadded post-it note in the pen to avoid losing the spring

Step 2: How to Fire

to fire, push the pen ink down into the top. then let go quickly.
NOTE: the spring may fly out depending on your pen. If the spring falls out when you unscrew the pen, get a brand name like pilot.
I am using the cartridge as one of my mods for my heavily modded crossbow which has NOTHING to do with me



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    how is that dangerous??????

    i have one of those pens, i love em. they write sooooo good, ive done this in class alot b4 this

    awsome but on every pen gun instructable i see the same people have posted coments lol

    i love that pen soooooo much its defiantly my favorite the pilot precise v7 rt... if youve never used it i recommend it

    3 replies

    oh, are you like a pen expert or something?

    no i just found one on the floor an ive been buying them ever since

    Yeah, i just said that because I have it, but never used it