Cheap Pocket Sized IPhone/iPod Touch Stylus





Introduction: Cheap Pocket Sized IPhone/iPod Touch Stylus

The first day I got my iPod Touch, I noticed that it would only respond to bare skin. I thought that was pretty cool, but soon after I wanted to be able to use a stylus. I found out that it takes something that generates energy to use the iPhone touch screen. You could just use tinfoil, becuase your energy travels through it to the device, but I didn't want to scratch the screen of my iPod touch. After some more research, I decided to create my own stylus. In this instructable, you will learn how to make a VERY CHEAP, VERY EFFECTIVE iPhone/iPod touch stylus.
(I beleive instructables user flyingpotato has made an iphone stylus, and i give him credit for that, but mine has a q-tip in it so it doesn't scratch the screen)

Step 1: Materials

All you will need for this instructable is a q-tip,
a 2.5 x 7 inch peice of tinfoil, and a drop of water.

Step 2: Wrapping the Q-tip

All you have to do is wrap the q-tip so that one fluffy end is sticking out (make sure the end sticking out is halfway wrapped in tinfoil). Then get the q-tip damp, but not so that it is dripping water. Now you can go try out your new stylus, becuase your dirt cheap iPhone stylus is complete.



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    Is there a substitute for tinfoil?

    The best D.I.Y stylus I have found in ages!

    EXCELLENT! Simple, almost free, fast, little and effective. This is the best touch stylus for me.

    I HATE these capacitive touch screens, every time I have to write an SMS end saying many bad words, because my finger touches always the wrong letter. With this style I hit the letter I need.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Spit actually works with this... who knew?

    Elegant solution. Works great. Going to use this until I find a soft conductive material I won't have to wet.

    what "erks" me is the terminology. Seems as though INSTRUCTABLE can get the NYT attention. I can't. TOUCH screen on the I-Pad or DROID phone is wrong!!!!! it is a capacity screen. If you are in a cold climite and want to access your gaget, you are screwed, without taking off your gloves. NOT SO with a GARMIN GPS unit...thank G--. The Garmin  is a true TOUCH SCREEN.
    thanks for listening,

    Isn't it like the Nintendo DS, in the sense that it's pressure-sensitive? And you don't have to yell. We can all hear (well, SEE) you...

    No, it isn't the same. You can put ALL your fingers on the screen at the same time, and it still registers them. The DS, DS lite, DSi, and 3DS all use a different system. If you go to pictochat or something, then put 2 things on the screen, the line that is being drawn will be in the middle.

    This is great. I made one and it works well on my Tablet. I also used electrical tape to wrap around the parts that don't need to be touching your fingers. Makes it sturdy and look cool.