Cheap Protective Ipod Case!





Introduction: Cheap Protective Ipod Case!

This will tell you how to make a simple easy and fast Ipod fourth generation or third case. so lets get started. you will need the following items, super super glue, felt (any color), and an "Aluma Wallet" you can buy one here. Wallet Once you have obtained the following items go to step 2.

Step 1: Death to the Aluma Wallet!

First you are gonna rip the folders out of the aluma wallet. That was fun wasn't it! Now proceed to step three.

Step 2: Cut! Cut! Cuuuut!

Okay now cut four pieces of felt out, but make two bigger than the other. you want the big pieces to be able to cover the inside of the wallet, and the little one to have about a Millimeter on each top. Okay once complete mosey on over to step four.

Step 3: Glue! Glue! Gluuuuue!

Now Glue the Big pieces of felt together, then do the same with the little pieces. Good. and just a rock skip away is step five, so head over there!

Step 4: Glueing Once Again!

Now glue the glued pieces of felt to the aluma wallet but please look at how I do it. once completed continue to step six.

Step 5: Final!

Now you can stick that Ipod in and it may jostle around a bit but for me most of the time it won't. so enjoy, and comment please!



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That is so creative, I will try that if my aluma wallet start falling apart.

this is to celebrate being halfway to my, "1,000 views on a single instructable" goal! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!