So I live with my cousin in Oregon, and the apartment complex doesn't have any type of air conditioning units in the apartments. We went to Goodwill and Salvation Army trying to find a good (working) air conditioner that didn't hum like a typical fan (i have a thing against loud fans, don't ask) and came back empty handed. I went to my trusty Instructables.com (yes, you all may take a bow) and searched out DIY air conditioners, and came back with https://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-12V-Air-Conditioner---Cheap-and-easy!/  (shout-out to CameronSS). Now, it's not gonna be used in a car, but in an apartment, so some ingenuity goes a long way to a cooler place. 

Small notice: I will be as discriptive as i can, but this 'ible is a free-for-all type design. What I mean is, the container you use will determine the fan size, type, and amount of extra stuff/cutting you'll need. Also, this is now done This is the edit. This second fan IS be the main photo source for this project. I didn't think about writing an 'ible until AFTER i finished up. Sorry :)

Now, onwards to the meaty bits after the jump

Step 1: Materials Are Needed...obtain!

Ok, so this step will be quick...

Obtain in one form or another the following:
1. Ice chest. You determine the size. I used a small (approx)10-inch one. Let's put it this way, i can fit 4 standard water bottles in it. 
2. Cutting utensil (my cheap self used a handy pocket knife, until I have my dremel tool back, I'm resorting to caveman style)
3. Fan. Again, this is based on your needs, as well as the size of your container. I chose a set of 80mm ThermalTake fans. They are amazingly quiet, and 27CFM for the low noise is decent. 
4. Freezable/refreezable products. I picked up a few refreezable icey blocks. They were a dollar apiece, how could I say no?
5. A power supply/wall wart. My fans needed 12v. Again, do I have to repeat myself as far as your personal setup will vary? Pick a wall wart that will make your fan run properly. I dug one up from an old set I had. You can probably do the same. 
6. Patience, and safety! I am not responsible for you exploding, mutilating, biting, scratching, punching, or otherwise assaulting, defacing or marring yourself, or anyone or anything else. You  assume your own risks.

Enjoy, and now, please continue safely :)
Why did you put the fans in opposite sides? I mean, one is flowing hot air inside the container and the other one is flowing the cool air outside. I think in this way the ice will last less time.

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