I needed a way to transport my amp without it getting all banged up. I was going to make an amp rack out of wood, put some carpet on it and wheels... but this isn't really what I wanted. I wanted one of the cool roto-molded ones that cost $100+.

So I had this thought one day... can I mold my own plastic into the shape I want? Well... not really.
So can I get some plastic and bend it?
Sure I can do that!
Can I do it for cheap?

*(UPDATE: I dropped it the other day... from about 6 inches on the corner... and the corner collapsed and then broke off. Saved the amp... Now I know why they put reinforced corners on these things. I am working on adding end caps. I will show that when I get a chance.)

When at Tap Plastics the other day I was looking at their samples; they had this really light plastic stuff that looked like a kind of foam on the inside. Really light and really cheap. (Oh, did I mention they will cut it for you?) Called Foamed PVC?

Step 1: Getting the Supplies and Tools

Two sheets of the "Foamed PVC", in yellow, cut to - 22" x 20" x1/8" (about $10 for both)
Two sheets of the "Foamed PCV", in Black, cut to - 5.25" x 20" x 1/4" (about $6 for both)
*(Thicker stuff only comes in white or black) (about $5.50)
One piece of angle aluminum (I used the thin stuff, you can use thicker or the ready made steel ones)

Drill with various bits
Pop riveter with rivets
Heat gun (Hair dryer might work, would take a bit longer)
Something long and straight to clamp down the sheets for bending
Something to use to bend over the heated part (it's hot and you will burn yourself. Again, ask me how I know.)
Hack saw to cut aluminum (Any saw will work for aluminum)
Couple of clamps or a 3' board and a friend.

*Some of you may be asking... why yellow? Because they didn't have orange.
It's hot and I figured this would be in the sun quite a bit... so a color that didn't absorb heat was best.
Ooh Its so easy and looks good too !
thats is such an awsome idea i love it! im so building it into my studio desk for efx racks!
it's so easy... I am really surprised that nobody has thought of this before.

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