Step 7: Laying Pipe

Picture of Laying Pipe
Once the paint is dry, you can mount the tied up coils in the panel. Three coils of the proper width should fit snugly in the box. Position the coils in the panel with the crossings and wire hitches on top, and the inlet/outlet lines fed through the exit holes in the frame.

If you want to put in a splice or fittings for a quick disconnect, do this before securing the coils. Make sure they protrude through the frame long enough to enable you to hold them steady while connecting the other half (remember, once done you will not be able to touch anything inside the panel without taking things apart.

With the coils placed how you like, use more wire with the nails in the frame to run strands over the coils to hold them down and in place. You can also run segments around the outer most loop of each coil to tie it in place.