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Introduction: Cheap Soldering Sponges

All electronic hobbyists need to have some basics equipment in their workstation. The iron solder and its accessories are the main ones. I live in a small city and I faced many problems to find some kind of parts (cheap) like sponges. So I have found a good soldering sponge these days and I will show you.

Soldering sponges are vegetable, not a natural plant sponge like this, but a mixture of cellulose fibers that are industrially processed. Thus, it resists a considerable high temperatures (~100ºC) like cotton. To use it with your iron solder, as a normal one, keep it wet.

There are two ways to find it, I'll describe: supermarkets and drugstore, the prices are almost the same. For both, before first use, wash it in clean water. See next steps.

UPDATE: As our colleague pfred2 says, you can find it also from the 'dollar stores'. Just make sure it comprised just by natural fibers (cellulose) avoiding plastic compounds.

Obs.: English is not my first language, so if you find any misspelling problems, please let me know.

Step 1: From Supermarket - Yellow Sponges

From supermarket, Fig. 1.:

3 sponges of 92mm x 70mm x 28mm, by the price of R$10 ($4), Fig. 2-4.

You will cut each one in four pieces like this, Fig. 5

To do that use a bread knife, Fig. 6.

You'll get 12 yellow sponges with 46mm x 70mm x 14mm, Fig. 7 ~R$1 ($0.5) each.

Actually the producer of this sponge is French: Spontex.

Step 2: From Drugstore - Pink Sponge, More Cute

From drugstore - 2 sponges of 70mm diameter x 10mm height ~ R$4 ($1.5).

This is not a yellow sponge because actually its pink, but it works nice :) The composition of those ones is the same.

If you would like to cut it, just proceed using the bread knife. I would rather compress (shrink) it to fits the holder size.



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    I get my soldering sponges from the dollar store. Once you know what cellulose looks like it is easy to spot. Cellulose by the way is plant fiber, usually wood.

    I've never seen those sponges in such stores (here is known as R$1.99 store), here in Sao Paulo. So, these were options that remain to me :( . Some people buy this kind of thing directly from electronic stores and pay 3-4 times more. Like you said, when we know its easy to replace ...:) and we can save money.

    Yeah soldering sponges are usually the "cheap" kind of scrubbing sponge. They're some kind of paper pulp product almost I believe. There is something else in them to make them spongy when they're wet. But whatever that something is it apparently judging by the cost isn't much.