Cheap Steampunk Ballpoint Pen.





Introduction: Cheap Steampunk Ballpoint Pen.

How to make a steampunk inspired pen.

Step 1: Materials.

Materials you will need:
- Cheap ballpoint pen (maybe a few extras, i went through 3 trying to make this)
- small metal tube
- wire, screws (other small steampunk odds and ends)

Step 2: Remove the Plastic Tube.

Depending on the pen your using you may need to cut the tube off or (like mine) you can simply just pull it off.

Step 3: Cutting the Metal Tube to Size.

Now you will need to cut the metal tube. Make sure to measure up the metal tube to the plastic tube off of the pen.

Step 4: Readjusting (optional)

Depending on what you cut the metal tube with (I used garden clippers) you may need to adjust the tube to make it circular again to fit the pen. This can be done with a hammer or anything you think might work. Also try slipping the pen through the tube, if the pen falls out the other side you may want to make the end a bit more narrow (hammer will work fine for that too) or glue it to the end.

sorry for the blurry picture.

Step 5: Detail Work.

Now that the tube is cut and circular you can slip the pen tip and ink tube through and start working on detail and steampunking it, first my tube had an odd school bus color paint on it so I sanded some of it off but you may not need to, second I shoved a screw into the end of the metal tube to cap it, I also added some leather, wire, a ring and other steampunking bits i had laying around to give it its look.

Step 6: Finished!

Your done! now to just bask in your glory of making your own steampunk pen (maybe even do some writing with it ;D)

P.S. this was my first instructable please send feedback and helpful critique



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I like it.

It has practical value, is useable in the real world, and will draw some stares (and isn't that what we're going for with S.P. anyway?)

Also it's something different than yet another ray gun or brass goggles.

For your next one, getting a pipe cutter from Home Depot for a few dollars will keep the pipe rounded.

Good Job!

Bad pictures and bad end product in my opinion.

What happened to the "be nice" policy?

What happened to that ballpoint pen ?

Glue and spare pieces of stuff.

I wasnt asking for your opinion :|

"P.S. this was my first instructable please send feedback and helpful critique" But, you did?

helpful critique not useless put downs

Take better pictures and i think your end product should be improved on because it looks messy. Are you satisfied now?