How to make a steampunk inspired pen.

Step 1: Materials.

Materials you will need:
- Cheap ballpoint pen (maybe a few extras, i went through 3 trying to make this)
- small metal tube
- wire, screws (other small steampunk odds and ends)
I like it.<br /><br />It has practical value, is useable in the real world, and will draw some stares (and isn't that what we're going for with S.P. anyway?)<br /><br />Also it's something different than yet <em><strong>another</strong></em> ray gun or brass goggles.<br /><br />For your next one, getting a pipe cutter from Home Depot for a few dollars will keep the pipe rounded.<br /><br />Good Job!<br />
Bad pictures and bad end product in my opinion.
What happened to the "be nice" policy?
What happened to that ballpoint pen ?
Glue and spare pieces of stuff.
I wasnt asking for your opinion :|
"P.S. this was my first instructable please send feedback and helpful critique" But, you did?
helpful critique not useless put downs
Take better pictures and i think your end product should be improved on because it looks messy. Are you satisfied now?
yes :P
Like you said; <em>Blurry, but it works.</em><br/><br/>You really need to images in focus - has your camera got macro? Or at least a screen so you can look to see if the pictures are right?<br/>
yeah I could have taken a few of those pictures better but my camera is odd so when I turn automatic flash off stops focusing things and makes it all blurry.
It's a pain sometimes. By best tip is to set the resolution as high as it will go, take the photo at a distance that works, then cut a smaller image from it. Sometimes you just can't get a good shot close up... L
I'll try that in my next instructable thanks
(I have the same problems)
when i turn automatic flash off it stops focusing*
That <em>is</em> odd. Maybe time to invest in a new one, ready for your next project?<br/>

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