Hear I will show you how to make a cheap intractable throwing dart. Its range if you are holding on to the string about 10 ft. and if you let go of the string about 45, or so, depending on your swing strength.

I am not responsibly for any or a injure, or involvement with the law on your part, so think safety! Be sure to where proper protection and be sure to secure all protection

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

This is a list of all the supplies and tools you will need to complete the project.

Supplies :

Heavy duty string, about 50 inches of so.

Lag bolt, be sure to git the heavyset available.


Lighter, to burn / cut string

Grinder, to sharpen
Note: Only burn it if you are using a synthetic rope, not cotton or the like. Burning a cotton rope will only set it on fire. Nice idea BTW. :)<br />
&nbsp;thx for the comment , and i totaly didnt know that!
&nbsp;Careful you don't throw it to the extent of the string. You'll put somebody's eye out with that thing.

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