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Use tuberware to create wall outlet child safety cover. Take a lunch meat plastic container, put a long screw in it and there you go.


dwhole (author)2011-06-28

Quick and to the point - I second the fender washer. I had bought commercially available covers when my son was younger, and they're not cheap. Plus, they'll outgrow/outsmart child locks anyway. We had locks for lever-style door handles - it took my son all of a few days to realize he could put his full weight on the handle while pushing in, and tada! Bugger. Plus, this cover could be used to keep plugs from backing out on equipment that you don't want unplugged, just add a knot on the cord.

mrmath (author)2011-06-28

You might want to add a fender washer ( It will make it much more difficult for the screw to pull through the plastic, and it only costs a few pennies.

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