I built two 8 foot work benches (wood 2x4', wood screws, pegboard, and plywood from Home Depot) , placed most of my  bench top machines on them and left a 6 ft space to do my projects, Over the past few years I have found that some of the projects I've worked on can get really dirty, Not wanting my bench to get worse I started looking around. What I found I figured I'd share with beginning builders and my fellow Instructables members.

Step 1: Materials

While this may seem like a simple instructable, I'm always stunned when I look around this site and find some of the smallest tips and tricks that can make a big impact and speed up my work. If this little tip helps then it was worth the write up...


Manilla Folders
Masking Tape (Amazon sells 9 rolls for 13.92)

Great idea!
Thanks for the reply, it's something I've been doing for awhile and I just thought it might be helpful to someone else

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