The idea from this came from tv. I saw teh pre-made kit that does basically the same thing i did but I am sure that it costs a little more than what i spent, although the extra time I spent could have easily been accounted for in cash... it takes about 6 times longer to install but at least you dont have to go get it or find it or pay for it.
If you already have plastic wrap and masking tape.

Step 1: Get All Materials Together

Wall-friendly tape- anything that dosent leave marks and is removable
Plastic Wrap - uh, any kind of plastic i think..
Electrical Tape - for parts where flexible tape is needed
I found out that the tape may stick to the wall a little too much so im lost because I thought masking tape was supposed to be used for walls. When I&nbsp;took them off it seems like a little paint came off too. <br /> using wood or cardboard to make a frame without using tape might be a better idea.<br />
It's my understanding that there are different qualities of masking tape, but the use of them (for their intended purpose) is to provide temporarily-removable-sticky. If they stay on for a while, they're more likely to bind.

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