Picture of Cheap working homemade arduino joystick
Hello everyone!

Today I present you :

Arduino Joystick!

One day I was checking the inside of old joystick. System wasn't that hard to understand, so I thought of making my of system.
The whole build is made only by me. I didn't check the internet pages about joysticks etc.

What is it?
It's a simple joystick type controller  that uses basic electronic parts and is easy to use even for beginners.  

Why should you make one?
It's cheap and easy to use. It has many functions and possibilities.

What can I do with it?
Controll rc car, play PONG! and many many more...!

What do I need?
-about 3mm thin pcv (I used somewhere around a4 sheet but I'm not sure about that)
-hot glue
-sharp knife (can be paper cutting knife
-2 100k ohm potentiometers
-1 bamboo stick
-cables,soldering iron
-goldpin board (for connecting to arduino)
-some buttons (2)
-wodden stick
-some free time :D

You need to connect the joystick to arduino using voltage divider. All you have to do is add 2 resistors (any you want).
Connect end of resistors to arduino GND, the middle between pots and resistors to arduino communication pin. Rest should be as on my picture. ( NOW! I added the picture)
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Step 1: Make the system

Picture of Make the system
The system is shown on these 2 pictures. It uses the pots that I already described. 
I used hot glue for all the connections.

The opposite end is mounted using bamboo stick wich is sharpened like a pencil.

Step 2: Make a box

Picture of Make a box
Just make a simple box using pcv sheets.

Don't forget about holes for buttons and controller stick.

Use hot glue to connect everything

Step 3:

Picture of
Now solder the elements (buttons and pots) acording to the picture that I have drawn.

PeroK13 months ago

my game controller :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qlxcmOPdNo

zeplin531 year ago
very cool!
what about making it USB compatible and adding more controls (for something like a flight sim
Bartuss (author)  zeplin531 year ago
Yes I was thinking about it. But now if someone wants me to do it I will definitely port it to usb (without using arduino, full pcb, atmega8) and post instructable on how-to. Fingers crossed, hope to get this going soon! :D
jakeo143 Bartuss4 months ago

Hey Bartuss that is a very cool instructable u got there... hey actually do it with full pcb and atmega 8? can please post the instructable as u were saying... please.... i'm lookin forward to it....

FoamboardRC2 years ago
Very cool idea!