This is a rubber band powered launcher that can fire over 100m (330ft) depending on the quality of the finished product and the ammunition used. I will try to add a video of it in use sometime soon.

This is my first instructable, i am sorry for any flaws and blurry photos.

I take no responsibility for any damage to people, items etc. caused by this device.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

The thickest rubber bands you can get.(size 109= $5-7 from most stationary stores)

Ideally a small pringles can but anything like that will do. (try to get something that is sturdy)

Scissors or knife

Masking or duct tape (optional, but will increase life of the rubber bands)

How about making it without the ammo cup an launcing this. just dont point it at anyone or anything within half a mile.
That is a tiny bit of overkill... If it went 100 meters I would be amazed <br> <br>
Give it a go !<br>

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