An ugly old monitor- old can of spray paint and waa laa, a more or less ugly monitor. (depending on how you look at it)
I had a spare monitor I used for PC work at the house.
The monitor needed to be black.
Plus everything I have is black anyway.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is an easy instructable- you are basically painting your monitor.
You need an ugly monitor, tape, spray paint, screwdrivers, work area, drop cloth or towel.
Get your work area ready.
You're doing it wrong!<br /> It may look well for some days but the most minimal scratch will expose a white unpainted area, tried this with a beige PC&nbsp;to make it black.<br /> You need to use better painting techniques when painting plastic, first using a primer, then the color and the finish.<br />
I think your mod is REALLY DANGEROUS as you are exposing high voltage capacitors. If you touch one you couold get a nasty shock. Plus CRT monitors contain alot of harmful lead.
as long as you don't TOUCH anything inside the CRT you're fine, along with the lead.<br />
There's a product called vinyl spray paint that, while costing a little more, gives an awesome color coat. It flows through all the little bumps that monitor cases have to offer a little better than spray paint. You can get it at most automotive stores. (or if it just doesn't matter, pick up the $1 can -o- spray paint).
An open monitor is not that dangerous if its unplugged from the 120vAC. The only danger is if you discharge the high voltage charge on the CRT (like a capacitor)which can stay for days , depending on the relative dirt and humidity in the area. Its a thick red wire going from the (flyback)tranformer to the top back of the glass tube. You can wipe the dust off it if you like but don't tug on it hard. It has expanding spring clips inside that keep it attached to the glass tube.It could kill you. Be sure to videotape yourself, if you plan to unsafely unplug the wire, so people will know how you died.
Voila. It's voila.
Thanks... I guess. I was originally thinking Shazzam!!! But I'm not that dramatic.
I was really thinking about doing this to my old CRT last night, it looks good, i think I'm going to paint mine later tonight, nice job!

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