Cheaper Nerf Airsoft/knex Gun Mod/hack





Introduction: Cheaper Nerf Airsoft/knex Gun Mod/hack

All the tools you need from my last instructable are used again here.

So, I wanted to make a more budget oriented gun, one perhaps a bit better.
So the dollar store was the first stop, there I got a pen, and a really lame orange dart shooter.
Total cost $2 (actualy I had these things already so it was free for me)

Step 1: Disassemble and Break

So, the whole gun is held in place with some glue, take a knife and slide it all around the crack, and seperate the halfs.

Ok, now I worked on a way to attach the pen to the existing barrel, I tried drilling it out but found that the best way was to just break the barrel off.

Step 2: Glue the New Barrel On

Take your pen or marker and extract the barrel....
Glue it on and keep it tight, no air holes.

Step 3: Close It Up and Add a Handle

Put everything back in the gun, and use the hot glue to put the halves back together, use a knife to chop off all the extra glue once it dries.

During testing I found that the tiny orange plunger was VERY hard to grab and cock.
So I drilled two small holes and placed a wire loop in it. Now I have a nice big handle.



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    does it shoot hard?

    Thanks. And no, mine is the exact same gun.

    Oh, mine kinda stuck, so part of one half is on the other half. Just give it a nice big yank, nothing a little glue can't fix later.

    Having trouble opening this gun. Any tips?

    Take a knife, and plunge it into the crack. Pry it open, it won't want to come apart but it does. I have not seen one but you might want to check under any stickers if there are any screws. Mine was glue only, you might have a different gun.

    Im just having trouble with the under part.