Cheapest, Easiest, Most Portable "Mouse Pad"





Introduction: Cheapest, Easiest, Most Portable "Mouse Pad"

This is my first instructable.

This mouse pad is by far the easiest and cheapest I've discovered. I have an optical mouse, but the mouse pad also works the laser or ball mice. it's also the the easiest to replace encase the mouse pad gets dirty or covered with notes.

(my apologies because my desk is white along with the "mouse pad")

NOTE: If you're into heavy gaming like WOW or FPS GAMES than this "mouse pad"probably won't do you much good. I have used this on rough concrete with little trouble from it ripping. This is not a permanent solution ifthat is what you're looking for. Of course a piece of tile from Home Depot would probably work better for a PERMANANT solution. But how often do you carry a piece of tile with you in you laptop bag. Can you write notes on tiles and then throw or save it cheaper than paper? Yes, I could have printed the instructable logo on the piece of paper with the phase "World's cheapest 'mouse pad'" but I didnt. I have played The Sims 2 and Diablo 2 using this "mouse pad" with no problem. I'm sorry you do not like this idea.

Step 1: Items Required

-- One piece of plain white paper (preferably 8.5 x 11)

-- four pieces of tape (invisible tape works great)

Step 2: Instructions

1. Take the sheet of paper and place on desk where you usually use your mouse.

2. Tape each of the corner to the desk.




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    instead we could also wrap the paper around cardboard.can we??

    OK so it's just a sheet of paper but... I've used a 2 year old mouse mat that once had double sided adhesive film holding it on my desk. Last year I decided to replace it but found the adhesive had become permanent. By the time I got the old mat off the desktop, I found that by using a piece of card I normally make business cards with... Laminated with matte film, it gave me an excellent mouse surface. So for all those who think using paper is below the standard of this site, keep in mind its an ideas site. Take jtmax24's idea and run with it. You never know -- you could come up with a great idea from it! I really like the idea of graph paper. It could result in my pen tablet being used more accurately.

    Five squares to the inch graph paper, found at any office supply, or art supply store works great too. Also, having the graph gives the opticals (especially if they aren't very good quality) a good tracking reference

    The graph paper is a cool idea for tracking reference. Thanks.

    N.P. I use it for my mouse all the time as it is a bit older, but it fits my hand better than any of the newer mice I have tried. Since I'm a lefty, finding a mouse to fit my hand right can be kind of a challenge.

    Lets face it, this Instructable sucks, but it is a very worthy idea. This is what I currently use on my frosted glass desk, which isn't mouse friendly.

     Does not one see the quotes? Do I really need a warning for THIS instructable? 

    I appreciate your suggestion and the play on words about it being a 'mouse pad'. Thank you for your contribution. Keep it up.

    Thats no mouse pad, It's just a stupid piece of paper taped onto the top. You don't need an instructable to do that. is about sharing and helping others with solutions to problems or situations and making do with things at hand. This is exactly what this one is. I'm always amazed at things people do not know and it makes me feel good when they are glad that I suggested something for them. No one is the same, thank goodness, and we are all here to help each other. The better I make the world for other people the better it is for me.