Step 1:

Get a 6X3X3 cardboard uncorrigated box.

Or make a box 3X3X(how ever inches in to be aligned with the bottom edge of the dead fans inlet hole from latop front.)

Place High speed small desk fan (or custom flat fan) in to the square hole, should work, haven't tried front way yet because ducting is too weird.

What is a good air flow is as if you are blowing out candels, constanlty.

You need to take off one box flap, or else it will block the vent you targeted.

SIDE NOTE: See the jury rigged wire to the weird thingy at the upper left of the picture?

That is a side 1X1 fan with ducting over that outlet, now used as inlet hole...

Step 1: Step 5

 Step 5: the fan away from the wall, more better...
bend thin iron rod

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