Yes, The Cheapest Tablet stand that cost around only 10 RS and US Dollers it will cost around only 0.5 dollar I think.
Sorry for my bad english and Photos because I shoot photos for web.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Things you will need:

1.4 Jelly Cups(You can also use 2 jelly cups for writing pad)
5.Tablet(Ofcourse, because this is a tablet stand)

Total Cost-10 Rs

Step 2: Jelly Cups

First bought some jelly cups from a grocery store or a mall, eat it, and remove the wrapper around the edges of the jelly cups. You can see the the jelly cups in the image

Step 3: Adding Concrete

Concrete made with adding water, cement and sand in one. Add concrete in our jelly cups and leave it for about 8 hous because it requires 8 hours to dry.

Step 4: Tracing Tablet

Now when our jelly cups are drying, trace your tablet on the polystyrene or thermocol and cut it.
My tablet is Sony Tablet S.

Step 5: Glue It!

Now after 8 hours glue the jelly cups on the edges of the polystyrene.

Step 6: Complete!!

Now I shamelessly showing off my Tablet Stand. The tablet stand is not only a tablet stand but it can also use to put anything else like handycam, Mobile Phone, Camras,etc

Hope you like my instrutable. Any new ideas for my instructable, please comment.

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