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Introduction: Cheapest Wire Holder

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Hold your wires with no cost. Just cut a piece of the spiral from a spiral-bound notebook -preferably plastic ones to avoid interferences-, extract it and wind around wires. No more mess!

Also, you can reuse GBC combs, old plastic hair clips or twisty ties for the same purpose, depending on strength and removable you need (thanks to skech123 and wrenv for suggestions).



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Genius! Every time I recycle an old handbook, I felt like I was wasting some serious potential throwing out those plastic spirals. Great job.


A great idea for a pesky problem with my cables underneath my desk.. Thanx for this great solution...

effing genius !

 Fantastic, one of the best.  I'd been looking for an idea like that for ages, congrats.

 Brilliant! Never thought of it. 

Heck. I never considered posting this.. I've been using spiral spines for almost 15 yrs. on my mountain bikes. They're perfect for routing the speedo wiring along the brake lines and light wiring too.. Just wish they made it in bigger sizes..

BTW.. zipties don't work nearly as well, as the lock always snags and can they only be used once..

Good Job!!

They do make larger sizes. You can buy them as refills for spiral binding machines. I've seen them from about 1/4" up to 2".

I use the plastic hair clips - but only after I've used them in my hair for a while and at least one of the "pins" has broken and it's not good at hold my hair up. Bin them or re-use them? I re-purpose everything I possibly can.