Cheapest and Simplest Shoe Lace Anchors




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Introduction: Cheapest and Simplest Shoe Lace Anchors

Hi !

I discovered kickstarter projects offers lace anchors.

we used to do something similar when i was a kid.

You can make your home made anchors just with 2 shims

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

All done!

Test it and cut the lace

UPD shoe lace anchors will work even with uncutted laces


1.What is this for?

2. How it works?

3. Shoe lace anchors retail price is approx. 10-15 USD. My way is approx. 0,01 USD

Answer is here



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    What size washers are being used with what size opening in these steps?

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    Also would love to know this

    Whoa! I was going to try and find my curly laces as my latest gym shoes are just too tight when laced, and then the laces come undone. This is great! Thanks!

    it is so funny how you give a 2 cents cheap finger to a fancy commercial campaign :D

    I did something similar cutting some plastic bottle caps and making a pair of xpand-look-alike lace anchors. I used regular elastic laces. It works, but this regular elastic laces don't last more than a few months.

    Are these regular or elastic expandable (like the video) shoe laces ? Does this work with round laces ?

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    The problem with this, and the main point of difference between your idea and the kickstarter you linked to, is that they're using special elasticised laces. With regular laces, if you fix the laces at a certain tension like that, then they will either be too loose or you will not be able to get your foot into the shoe.

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    johng652Reply6 days ago

    We also used to do the same thing. ------>>Only difference was we cleaned up the burrs on the washers with sand paper << ------. It kept the laces from shredding while being adjusted. Thanks for an "old school" blast from the past.

    Also, the sharp edges on your washers will eventually cut through your laces and then they really will be to short to be of any use.

    This looks like it MIGHT be a good idea. I can't tell for sure because your instructions just end without showing/explaining how it is supposed to work. You refer to Kickstarter projects but do not provide a link. I suggest that you finish the thought and explain and illustrate exactly how this works. Also, you might want to seal the edges with heat somehow so they don't fray.

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    OK, I found the Lace Anchors video on how these work:

    **How to install your Lace Anchors** - YouTube

    They make your shoes into slip-ons. I'm gonna try it. Your method is cheap and elegant compared to the expensive ($12.99 for only 2 pairs) Lace Anchors.

    Correct! 12.99 USD is too much for me too. My way costs 0,01 USD

    Forgive the stupid question, but if you cut the lace right next to the washers, do you just remove the washers every time you loosen the lace? A video of these might be nice since there does seem to be some confusion here.

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    No! You just leave them there and your shoes become slip-ons. If it works this is a great idea. I totally agree about doing a video and adding pictures with instruction on how to use them.

    I'm lost. What is this for? People who are too lazy to tie their shoelaces? If that is the case, how do you open them to get your foot in the shoe and tighten them to walk?