Introduction: Cheapest and Most Easy Steadycam for Everybody.

Everybody knows the steadycam. And everybody using a cam to take videos, may it be the iPhone4, a digital camera (like in this instructable the Sony NEX-5), on of these new cool DSLRs or even a real videocam will know about the problems you have taking videos while you are moving the cam.
This instructable will show you how to stabilize your cam.
In fact, I know it is not a real-real steadycam, but on the go this tip will maybe help.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

• a cam
• a tripod (a bigger on is better, as long it is not too short it will work, a bit heavier is also good)

That's it...

Step 2: Make the "steadycam"

Mount the camera to the tripod. Then extend the upper part of your tripod, so you got a "grip".
Spread all three legs (at least two) ans extend the third one to a comfortable length (but not too short.)
Take it losely in your hand, so that it moves soft, but does not slip.
See an example in the picture.

Yeah that's it. Move your camera around.

Step 3: Ready to Go... Aaaaaand Action.


AndyGadget made it! (author)2010-07-31

Clever idea - The extra mass increases the momentum which reduces the small wobbles and the heavier part below the hand stabilises the lighter camera above the hand. I'll be trying this.

bruno13069 made it! (author)bruno130692010-07-31

It alters the center of gravity to below the pivot point/grip. You're not balancing the camera on your hand.

AndyGadget made it! (author)AndyGadget2010-08-01

Yep, that's what I was saying. The heavy weight below will follow a smoother path than a hand alone, and because they are connected, so will the camera. There's also a gearing down effect as the length to the COM above is less than to the COM below.
Very simple, but pretty effective - I've tried it now.  The thing you do get (which can be seen on the demo video) is a tendency to tilt into corners as the base swings out which gives a bit of an aircraft banking type effect on the film if you move too fast.

deafanimator made it! (author)2011-01-28

where did you find a large len on your iphone or did you make a large len to fit on your iphone4?

knarx made it! (author)knarx2011-01-30

I#m not quite sure, what you mean with len, but if you are asking for an iPhone 4 mount for a tripod, then try:

deafanimator made it! (author)deafanimator2011-01-30

NO I am asking you a question that I see your camera has large Len or after market len on camera. What I am talking about iphone4 that I am looking for len adpater on iphone4.

I already build the tripod stand myself. You can check here.

knarx made it! (author)knarx2011-01-31

Come on, buddy. Help me a bit. You mean lens or what? The camera in the picture is not an iPhone 4.

deafanimator made it! (author)deafanimator2011-01-31

OK Let me try again. I see silver Huge Len on front of your black camera. Is that after market Len that add on your camera or it is already built in the camera. It is hard to see the photo that i only see the thin black camera with Huge LEN.

werikblack made it! (author)werikblack2011-05-24

It's called a lens. "Lens" is the singular form of the word, and "lenses" is the plural. In addition, it's not a proper noun, so it's not capitalized except at the beginning of a sentence. When you capitalize it in the middle of a sentence, it looks like you're typing someone's name (and "Len" can be short for "Leonard").

Sorry, not trying to be picky, but you seem to be having a communication barrier, and part of it is the terminology that you're using incorrectly. Noticed that you also used the incorrect word in your Instructable that you linked above, so just trying to help. :)

josh1324 made it! (author)josh13242011-08-20

And to add on to that, he's not even using an iphone 4.

blodefood made it! (author)2010-08-02

I like this as you can use something you already have for a camera. I have a video tripod which might be a little too heavy, but it could work. I have tried hanging a bag over my arm with something a little heavy and got a smoother pan and tilt.

theRIAA made it! (author)2010-07-31

what does separating the legs do?

kelna made it! (author)kelna2010-07-31

I don't think separating the legs would do much. I think keeping the legs closed would work better. But the idea is good, I'll definitely try this out next time I film something :)

theRIAA made it! (author)theRIAA2010-07-31

what are we talking about again...

kelna made it! (author)kelna2010-07-31

Something awesome :)

Ranie-K made it! (author)2010-07-31

I made a cheap Tiffen Merlin inspired thing for this purpose:


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