Cheap/free Traffic Cone I-phone Amplifier


Introduction: Cheap/free Traffic Cone I-phone Amplifier

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A cheap or free (depending on how unscrupulous you are) method of creating an amplifier for your i-phone using only a traffic cone

Step 1: Tools Needed

Traffic cone

cutting tool of some sort 


Step 2: Marking Off

as the speaker from the iphone is located at the bottom left hand corner (facing you) you want to mark it roughly 1 half to 2/3rds across the top of the cone down to just above the quater way mark close to the narrowest end of the cone. the gap should be roughly 1.5 cm wide and at an angle

Step 3: Cut

using your cutting tool of choice cut out your marked area.

Step 4: Finish

and there you have it, an incredibly cheap i-phone amplifier. the sound is a little bit tinny but at that price what more can you ask for



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    Genius, though it would be good if one could cut the fat square end off and make it foldable; making for easier transport!

    2 replies

    thanks sir, i kept the square on the end to act as a stabliser but i would imagine even taking 3/4 of it off would make it more transportable :)

    Easily, definitely a nice idea.