Step 5: The actual bank

Picture of The actual bank
Alright, now that we have a sweet charger in a cool looking box, let's get something to connect it to.

Remember all those disposable cameras? Pull the capacitors out, I got 4 caps rated at 330volts and 120µFarads. Make sure the gray stripes are all pointing in the same direction, and get out some of that 12AWG wire. As you can see in the picture, I stripped only part of the wire. To do this, make the circular cuts like you usually would, then take a razor blade and slice down the middle. Then just peel off the rubber, it's way easier than it sounds.

Now using a small screwdriver, push throught the copper strands making a slot the capacitor leads can go through. Put em through, and then solder, it's that simple. I reccomend making both wires first, then soldering all the caps onto one wire, and then the other wire. It's easier that way.
hopelost92 years ago
so im kinda confused with the capacitors. do you treat the line of capcitors as one, and just attach the first one to the charger, and they will all charge? or something else?
Coindude194 years ago
I found some high-voltage capacators from old adapters to computers and video consules and one of them reads 400v and 68 uf
fundash4 years ago
be carfull with this, those wires are pretty close!
fishpie235 years ago
 try getting shocked be several thousand volts and several million microfarad my thumb was sad that day...... think of it like holding a match under your thumb for an hour or two 

...............................DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!................................................

but if your going to do this project use it on a coil to make a coil gun

 TIP: if your going to make a coil gun with several capacitors IT MUST SWITCH FROM PARALLEL TO SINGULAR or the full power of the cap wont be released
 feel free to do this project its a useful tool for high voltage experiments
hack3rboy5 years ago
I'm using 8 capacitors not 4 will I need to wire anything differently?
bigpinecone8 years ago
yeah i found out 330v really hurt...haha
the scars on my left hand agree with you
lol now i took 3 of 'em and make a bank but i still have to test it also, do you know what the leads on a laser diode are? i have one salvaged from a boombox
Mudbud6 years ago
how many capacitors can I put in the bank? I got 10 fuji cameras from wal-mart.
Lightbulbjb6 years ago
would 100uF 330V caps work in a coilgun? thanks.
frixx6 years ago
plz help me! i conected caps as told, started to charge them and the diode was on in about 10 secounds i tried to fire my coilgun and the nail just stayed in the barell how many volts i have to use??? when i tried 6 the flash card was burned and anything under that had no effect
moshee frixx6 years ago
How many volts are the capacitors rated for? If it's below 200 then you probably need to get higher voltage ones. 300-350 volts seems to be the most common.
Ok, so I actually did almost exactly the same thing for my cap bank before I read your instructable, but I still can't find some answers I'm looking for on the web, I was hoping you might know the answer. I have several different size caps from 8 different cameras, I have five 120uF caps, one 160uF cap and two of them are unmarked (still looking for a resource to help ID them.) the 120's and 160 are all 330v, will it be a problem to attach the different rated caps in the same bank? I know if they were different voltages I wouldn't be able to attach them. I haven't been able to get the small unmarked caps to charge on the board, so I can't test their voltage.
I think it should be as long as the voltage is the same. Your just increasing the capacitance.
YEAH agreed i couldn't move my fingers for about ten minutes and it feels like.... welll.... REALLY PAINFUL! the next time i used a wire but this time the capacitor was fully charged and it roasted my wire in flames. the first time it was 100 microfarad second was a 470 microfarad killer.
moza8 years ago
the 2 wires connecting the capacitors, does one end connect together???
n3ldan (author)  moza8 years ago
No. That's where you connect whatever you want to zap.
moza n3ldan8 years ago
i thought that u connect wat ever u want to zap to the flash
jonrb8 years ago
are all the +'s of the capacitors joined together or does it go + - + - + -