Everyone that knows a bit about airsoft knows that you need to keep your gun clean and lubricated in order to maintain good accuracy. One of the most critical areas in keeping accuracy high is a clean inner barrel.

If your new to airsoft, you might be hard-pressed to spend another $10-20 for a proper .22 cal  gun cleaning kit. But fear not, this cheap and easy bore cleaner rod will get the job done!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is all you need

some basic Q-tips

1-2 straws (depending if you have a long barreled gun or a short barreled gun)
The straws must be small enough to have an interference fit with the Qtip

Bore cleaner and lube (You may use rubbing alcohol and Silicone oil, respectively)

<p>great help!</p>
Dudes, don't buyfrom crosman. save up some extra money and get a jg m4 cqb for 140 dollars. if u think thats expensive, theres a socom gear barret m82 for 1,200. echo 1 minigun for 3,500.
I have that same gun. Mine has clear parts on it, though.
Is it by Soft Air?
That gun looks like mine. Mine is By Soft Air (Cybergun) though. Great gun! <br>Thanks!
I dont need to spend money on one of those, all my guns come with those

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