Step 8: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
Cut the original red button in half leaving just the two small tabs that are secured in the housing holes.
You will have to play around with the exact height of the switch in relation to to the red button. Re attach the flame shield. After I shot the video I found a small rubber stopper and cut it in half, then pushed it inside the base of the lighter to make sure the driver and batteries stayed put. .

Your Cheapy Laser Lighter Burner is complete!

Use responsibly! Lasers of all types should never be pointed at your self or any living thing. This kind of laser can cause permanent damage to eyesight in less than a second. NEVER look into the beam or reflection of ANY laser including this one.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable!
JeanTheDuke2 years ago
this is hard
epskoh3 years ago
How much would it cost to make one of these?
sparkyuiop4 years ago
Did you focus the diode? Is that a blu-ray laser diode? Where did you get the driver from? What was the total cost?

watch that.
bconway14 years ago
how did you close the end?
doguito4 years ago
this rocks
Can i make it with red lase diode?????

this doesnt help much! needs more pics and explained better!
your better off watching the videos on youtube!
SepplBeppl5 years ago
How do I get off the onboard switch on the driver? Pls help me...
Nemweb6 years ago
Very cool!
Deadl0ck Nemweb6 years ago
I wouldn't exactly call 75 dollars of laser parts cheap... but I guess that's just me, shame cos I really like this build... I just don't have that kind of money to spend.
go to hightechdealz.com the have a blueray laserburner diode for about $18. you can get the little driver from a $3 5mw red lase diode that comes in its housing on the site to.
the laser isnt cheap... the lighter is. hes making somthing expensive look cheap at first glance hence "cheapy" instead of "cheap"
Ahhh. My apologies then. Diffrence between cheapy and cheap was lost in translation. English isn't my native tongue. Cheers for clearing that up!
no problem, your not the only one. its pretty damn easy to confuse even if english is your native tongue.
usb key6 years ago
thats a waste of butane. and its a danger to let it out like that. open the valve outside when its almost empty.
wikkiman6 years ago
Try using overstock sellers or eBay for parts. It will be no more than $40 - $50 if you find good deals.