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That big test is coming up. And you tried to study. But you just couldn't remember a single thing. We all know cheating is bad, and yet we still do it. But here are some sneaky ways to cheat without your teacher knowing.

Step 1: First Gather Your Materials

Picture of First Gather Your Materials
Gather your things
1. A sharpie is the best, but any marker will work.
2. Pencil (s)
3.Answers to your test

jbutler241 year ago
If the test is multiple choice and you have the answers. I would use a ball point pen and use dots. 1-a, 2-b an so on starting on the side with the number 2 on it. Worked great and then I could just sharpen my pencil to get rid of the evidence.
DifferentByChance (author)  jbutler241 year ago

Yes the dots work great too. Its less work and less suspicious. I'm glad it worked. I had a test today and it worked great for me. I hope you enjoy many more.

dragonslug1 year ago

take one of those plastic water bottles and take the wraper most of the way off but not all the way write on the ansewrs and cover back up with the wraper.

katferg981 year ago
Don't cheat you'll get caught
Cheating is Bad
gkohy1 year ago
used to write up to 4 lines on each side of the pen. (BIC)