Step 3: Step 1 (Cheat Engine Tutorial)

Picture of Step 1 (Cheat Engine Tutorial)
In this step I will teach you how to pass step 1 in the Cheat Engine tutorial. All the skills you have learnt so far will be applied in this one step. If, for some reason, you can't seem to do this step, there is troubleshooting at the bottom of the page, as always.

Here is how you do it:
1. Open Cheat Engine

2. Open The Cheat Engine tutorial via the Cheat Engine (Help: Cheat Engine tutorial)

3. Read what the tutorial says:
"Welcome to the Cheat Engine Tutorial. (v3.2)

This tutorial will try to explain the basics of cheating on games, and getting you more familiar with Cheat Engine.

First open Cheat Engine if it hasn't been opened yet.
Then click on the 'open process' icon. (top left icon, with the computer on it)

When the process window is open find this tutorial. The process name is probably 'tutorial.exe' unless you
renamed it.
Select it, and click ok. Just ignore all the other buttons right now, but experiment with them later if you feel like it.

When everything went right, the process window should be gone now and at the top of CE the process name is

Now, click NEXT to continue to the next step. (Or fill in the password to proceed to that particular step you want)"

4. If you read the message then you would have done this already, select the tutorial from the processes list (If you don't know how to do this, revise step 1 of this instructable).

5. Now, press "Next" on the bottom of the message, this will take you to "Step 2".


1. I can't find the tutorial on the processes list.
If this is the case, then one of three scenarios are or have occurred.
Scenario 1: You have renamed the tutorial and now you cannot find it easily on the process list. In this instance, you will need to search for the new name.
Scenario 2: You opened the processes list before opening the tutorial. If this is the case, close the process list and open it again and it should be there.
Scenario 3. You haven't opened the tutorial yet. Open it.

2. What's the process list?
You should already know this if you read the tutorial, or my instructable. Go read the first step in this instrucatble and stop being impatient!