Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly blog round-up, called Check It Out!

In it, our newest intern, Carley  will be bringing you a list of awesome, inspiring projects from all over the world wide web every week.  I'm hosting this week's round-up to give you all an introduction, but to stay informed, make sure you subscribe to her on her member page!

Step 1: Carley Says. . .

And now, some words from Carley:

Welcome to my weekly roundup!

As the latest addition to the Instructables team I am beginning to explore all the amazing
opportunities of the DIY world. My weekly roundup will highlight some cool stuff I find
happening in other blogs and websites.

A little bit about me…
I grew up in the tiny state of Rhode Island down the street from the beach. I have always
had an itch for exploration which has lead me to study abroad in Argentina, France, and
Vietnam. About a month ago I graduated from Union College with a BS in computer
science and visual arts. When I got an offer to join the instructables team I couldn’t
refuse! So a week after graduating I packed my bags for my first trip to the west coast.
My interests range across a broad spectrum so expect an eclectic mix of goodies to
appear in my round up!
Wow, when I saw this I immediately thought of Charlotte Perkins Gillman and "The Yellow Wallpaper". Imagine if society had this sort of art in her time! This is so fascinating.
Wow, that's a hard challenge. So far I can only think of adhesive vinyl with the shapes cut into it / laserred into it.
Wow, this is awesome. 5*!
That's an awesome picture of the ball bearing going through the three water balloons!
<br> Well Carley I like how you have handled this, it's good, sparkles the imagination and provided challenge's!<br> <br> So I approve to the fulles extent.<br> <br> I do have a suggestion you may find interesting, as some complained this is in ible format and in truth this is not an ible. I can understand a forumtopic is not very useable for this but how about a <strong>guide?<br> <br> You can put your links in a guide and like Kelseymh explained you put the links to the website inside the picture. Next to the picture you explain what you think of what you posted and everyone will be happy :)<br> <br> Call it &quot;Carley's weekly guide to cool projects on the internet&quot; or something like that.</strong><br> <br> I think the guideconcept would work really well for this and you won't need to adapt anything.<br> <br> Anyway I subscribed to you and I'm looking forward to what you'll tell us next&nbsp; time :)<br> <br> P.S.: is there a way we can offer suggestions in link form? I regulary browse the web looking for inspiration and I come across cool stuff all the time but sometimes it just isn't for me but perhaps someone else could profit from it....<br> <br> Regards,<br> <br> Michel<br> <br>
Who is Carley? It was published by scooch...
Whoops... That oughta show me to actually READ the instructable before commenting!
No prob Kcls :D It happends to all of us :)<br> <br> Man I wish I lived in the USA instead of Europe, working at instructables sounds like a dreamjob :D<br>
Same here... I would give <strong>anything</strong> to work at instructables. It's my dream job.<br>
Plus we would get acces to some awesome materials and tools like lasercutters ^^ Moehahahaha (Dr. Evil laughter)
Pshhh... That's half the reason all of us want to work there!
Although it could be dangerous to, if after a while you didn't put out enough featured ibles Wilhelm might put you on that laser cutter for an intense recreation of that bond movie... ouch...
She's the new intern at instructables! You can read about her in step 2 I think. And as she wrote it I adressed it to her. I saw to that Scooch made it but then it said Carley wrote it...<br> <br> I figure Carley wrote it on Scooch's account or something, Why I'm not sure...<br> <br> But anyway the suggestions where adressed to Carley and the team so it doesn't really matter :)<br>
So, wait: the first picture isn't either one of you? Bummer! (BTW, brace yourself for an onslaught of &quot;hey, this is a family-friendly website!&quot; comments...)
isn't it ironic that there are tons of potato guns, fireworks how-to's, etc... in America, violence is OK, nudity is not.
How are potato guns and fireworks violent?
Point it at a friend and fire!
That would make the user the violent one. But yeah I agree that people overreact to nudity.
It is an art and it can be things that people lOOk at too much
what i was trying to point out, and thought was obvious, is that there are all sorts of *ibles that can be used for violent means(read the warnings).. yet when there appears to be some sort of nudity, the 'moral majority' freaks out. Janet Jackson has a 'wardrobe malfunction' yet in Terminator/The Replacement Killers et al. can have thousands upon thousands of bullets fired where people are 'murdered' in prime time. FWIW, I grew up around guns, have no problems with guns, would have a gun (if the wife didn't object), but we have some Puritanical traits that have continued for a bit too long.
Yeah this is a family friendly website :) Nice pictures BTW
Looking forward to reading these! An excellent first entry!<br> <br> @peace, love, art: not sure why the reply isn't there for me . . .yours was the one comment I wanted to reply to and the only one without the button! odd . . .<br> <br> anyway: my mind went to exactly the same place! &quot;The Yellow Wallpaper&quot; is quite possibly one of the best short stories I've read and i've read a few ;) . . . very unsettling indeed! the curving lines and &quot;figures&quot; in that image tie in quite well . . .of course the hidden woman helps too lol it'd be really funny if she were creeping around too.<br> <br> <br>
A couple of comments:<br> <br> 1) Steve Martin <em>et al</em> used this technique to hilarious effect in The Pink Panther.<br> <br> 2) It's good to be an artist. :)<br>
While a I won't argue the art, many would say this is NSFW. Putting it as the cover picture could get people in trouble, who are just checking out their favorite DIY site on a break.
OMG WOW!! In between drowning my self in school work and practicing my sailing, ill find it troubling (time wise) to submerge myself in DIY and eyeball creative designs, something I find great relaxation in. So THIS IS AWSOME, and ill be looking forward to wipen up some new luminaries, and hackn some c-clamps this weekend, thanks a TONE!! 100% yes + smiley face = win
..yu know....cuz it saves time n stuff...WIN
Putting aside the issue of whether Explicit and Erotic are mutually exclusive or not.<br> <br> While the format of this site may be ideal for posting a blog &quot;round-up&quot;. I am sorry to say that it is not the place for one.<br> This is a blog post.<br> It is not an Instructable because it provides no instruction and therefor it doesn't belong on this site.<br> <br> That being said this post both spark my imagination and and engages my interest and If it were to be moved to a blog I would surely visit it.

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