Step 3: Assembly

prepare some epoxy mixture.

now, take the O-ring ( of you chose to use one ) and glue it ti the inside of one bottlr top. you can press it down with the table tennis ball. ( make sure you dont have any epoxy glue on the inside of the O-ring )

wait for the glue to dry.

test the seal byholding the bottle top with the cap on the bottom, placing the ball on the O-ring and trying to suck air from the cap side.
It works with air but not the water because density of ball is less than of water.
If turning it upside down doesn't work, you could try filling the ball with water, or just using a denser ball in the first place.
it will work if you set it upside down and connect the inlet to the top and the outlet to the bottom. that way the ball is compressed to the O ring which is on the top and will prevent liquid from traveling backwards.
Any word on the thumb? That thing is freaky:)
I do have relatively big hands and long fingers but not THAT long.. it might be the angle of photography or the shadows caused by the flash creating some kind of optical illusion. interesting ...
I also have big hands but m thumb is not quite that long and i was able to reproduce the illusion seen in your photo. it is just the lighting
it would be really cool if you made it out of that acrylic tubing stuff cuz then it could hol like 100 psi
Ingenious. I wonder whether it will be able to hold high pressures... 30 psi, maybe?
just use a tire valve and pump
How much presure can it hold
i don't really know, i guess it depends on the size, shape, material, glue type and isolation strength...
Good valve to use for draining and filling aquariums. I am wondering about his thumb in that last pic, optical illusion or extra long?
You should construct something that can withstand a really high PSI.
Make it from bottles designed for fizzy drinks, and it will withstand quite high pressures.
I think it would lose its strength as soon as you cut & glue...? Very good pics and instructions!
It's ok ledzeppie, at least I knew you were joking right off the bat! Good instructable!
i saw it on mythbusters to but its cool how he shows us how to build it
thats cool

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