Picture of Checkerboard Your Shoelaces
 In this instructable  I will be showing you an awesome way to make your shoes look great. this checker-board lacing is easy to do and can add new life into your old shoes

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Picture of Things You'll Need

4 shoelaces (preferably two of each colour)
Shoes to lacein 
A colour scheme
Ocean12202 years ago
i found it useful in the weaving process to stuff a t-shirt or a towel into the shoe to not have it so floppy and to be a firm workspace
polerix3 years ago
i totally miss the 90's
aznfirefly15 years ago
is the aglet suppose to stay there or are we suppose to pull it across/through?
sharkstun97 (author)  aznfirefly15 years ago
pull it across/ through