In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a 7 servo robot arm. I will release the the CAD file soon, on the 18th of September. Also this instructable only shows you how to build  the physical arm, so please do email me with control method suggestions.  Oh and by the way this only the so no wrist+gripper but not to worry for an update will be out soon! And now as I promise d but about a month late. Drum roll. The CAD files.

Step 1: /*Parts List*/

This is just the list of super important components, don't worry if its a it vague since at each step I will give a list of components needed to complete the step.

The List:
4mm thick 1x1m sheet of acrylic.
This product called plastic weld.
1m of M3 rod (the one that has the coil round it).
5 Modelcraft RS-2 junior servos.
2 ES-05 junior servos.
60 M3 nut and washers + 5 nylock nuts.
4 M3x35mm bolts.
8 M3 butterfly bolts.
2 M3x20mm bolts.
2 springs that I wil show later.
Lots an I mean lots of 2x10mm screws.
10 servo lead extenders (optional).
<p>Its really Great </p>
the clear acrylic looks really nice! can't wait to see the code

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