Introduction: Checking Your Current Location With MediaTek LinkIT One

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It is easy to find the coordinates of your current location with the MediaTek LinkIT one.

You will need:

A Computer running the MediaTek SDK

MediaTek LinkIt One with GPS Antenna Attached

Step 1: Upload the Code

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You can find the code under the Examples in the MediaTek LinkIT One SDK. It is in the folder called LGPS.

Upload the code to the LinkIT One and open the serial monitor at 115200 baud rate.

Step 2: Read the Results

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Once in the serial monitor, it should print out your location as long as other information such as the UTC and number of satellites it can see.

If you can't get anything, move to a place where you have better reception.

**I blurred out some of my serial monitor as to not show my location**


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