Checking Your Xbox 360 Controller for the Rapid Fire Mod





Introduction: Checking Your Xbox 360 Controller for the Rapid Fire Mod

This isnt about how to put the mod on. Just checking even if your controller will do it correctly. The controller that you would be needing a crystel on the chip. The crystel is in a small silver contaner on the top of the chip. As you see in the following pictures, I will show you some of the features on the controller and hopefully your controller will allow the mod. If you that controller doesnt have the crystel, then check another one that you may have to see if it does. Thats what i did and thats why Im doing this.

Step 1: The Chip That Works

This is the ship that works for the mod. I found this one in my older controller.

Step 2: The Chip That Doesn't Work

This is the chip that doesn't work for the mod. I find this chip in my newest controller.

Step 3: The 2 Side by Side

The controller on the left is the one that does. And the one on the right is the one doesn't work.



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    looks like the crystel thingy is on the back of the board on the controller that doesnt mod with a 555 chip, dont know if thats what it is but it looks like one.

    Can you add some clearer pictures that actually show us what we're looking for? THANKS!

    no there is a little silver oval that has a crystel in it, i open one up and looked myself but it has to be up on top there is also another way you can tell without have to open up your controller but i cant get any good pictures of it you just take off the battery and look where the motherboard

    i still see a crystal on the controller that doesnt support the mod...its just on the underside of the circuitboard. you shouldnt call it a chip because that will confuse people (like me)...I was searchin around in your pics trying to figure out what chip you were talking about.

    2 replies

    no the crystel has to be up on the top it will not work if the crystel is on the bottom and well thats just whats its called

    Actually it's not.
    It's technically called a MicroController or IC (short for Integrated Circuit).
    Chip confuses people without a description. Try to have pictures that are of a sharper quality and notes on the actual section that applies, rather than just ont eh image in general.