Introduction: Paper Wallet

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Follow the simple steps on how to create a paper wallet.

Step 1: Checklist

Your going to need the following for the project:

Step 2: First Fold

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The first fold is to fold the paper in half hamburger style. If you don't know what hamburger style is then look at the photo.

Step 3: Second Fold

Picture of Second Fold

Fold the paper again but this time hot dog style. If you do not know what hotdog style is then look at the photo.

Step 4: Third Fold/Unfold

Picture of Third Fold/Unfold

Repeat step 1 (fold it hamburger style). Then unfold.

Step 5: Final Folds

Picture of Final Folds

Now for the tricky bit. Just fold the two ends (left and right) but in a very tiny way. Look in the photo if you are confused. These two tiny folds is what you will be taping/stapling.

Step 6: Tape/Staple

Picture of Tape/Staple

Tape the two tiny folds (or staple them). Then you're done :)


nerdygamer10345 (author)2013-08-17

kind of. it could get crumpled easy but it's cool.

BriannaRenee (author)2013-06-22

Is it durable?

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