This is a very easy nail art, yet the final effect is really nice.

It can be done with any combination of colors you like.
I chose pink first of all, because I have a pink nail art pen, and I thought that light blue would have been a great contrast for the pink color.
The nail art pen makes it easier to draw but don't worry if you don't have one, you can use a very small brush with regular nail polish.

I hope you like this nail art! :)
thats what i wanted
<p>Great! :)</p>
<p>you r so amamxing</p>
<p>it is so adorable I love it so much!! Thank u!?</p>
Thank you :)
Cute! I love the colors, blue &amp; pink look super cute together :)
Thank you, I am so glad you like it! :)

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