Many years ago, I had the sudden realization that I missed the taste of a warm, buttery popover.  Little did I know that attempting the recipes I found online was the surest route to an obsession that would damn me if I couldn't succeed.

For 2 years I tried every single recipe that I could find; online, in cookbooks, from friends. Still, I could never get my popovers to puff up. They always ended up as soft, little hockey pucks. Eventually, out of sheer stubbornness and temerity, I decided to break down the recipe, ingredient by ingredient, and get to the bottom of the perfect popover.

Along the way, I learned about patience, friendship, and the importance of preheating the pan.

Let's begin, shall we?

Step 1: Mise-en-place!

Mise-en-place is a French term meaning, "Everything in place."

This is most often used as a cooking term and I would consider it best practice.  Essentially, you want to measure, chop, cut, slice, and pour everything you'll need so that when the time comes to add the ingredients together, everything is prepped and ready to go.

I am, obviously, a huge proponent of this practice. I find that I'm less likely to forget ingredients and also, when cooking fast and hot, it allows you to grab things and add them when needed without overcooking something in the pan.

Here, it's used more as an organizational technique.

You Will Need:

~A nonstick muffin pan
~A whisk or fork
~A ladle or serving spoon
~Assorted mixing bowls

-3 Eggs
-1C. Water
-1 1/2 C. All Purpose flour
-2 t. Garlic Powder (or "to taste")
-1 1/2 t. Salt
-2 t. Dried Parsley Flakes (yes, yes, fresh is better)
~1/2 C. Finely Diced Cheddar
I simply LOVE those &quot;get the ingredients, Mix all, fill the form and bake&quot;-type recipes! No long fiddling around with manual labor and stuff. <br>Thanks for sharing! <br>Liked and voted :)
Thanks! <br>I bake bread from scratch, but a lot of the time I just don't feel like spending hours before eating some nice, fresh, baked goods. <br> <br>Anytime I don't want to bother with bread, this is my choice recipe. :)
Just made some! I was worried that it was going to be too garlic-y but it was just enough! I kind of accidentally skipped the &quot;mini&quot; part and made big ones instead, they were gone as soon as they left the oven! Awesome work, thank you so much!
Fantastic! <br> <br>Did you use a regular muffin tin?
Oooh, those sound awesome!
They are! I just ate the last of this batch with some meatloaf on the side. :D

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