Introduction: CheeZap

This explains the quick-and-dirty on creating your very own Cheese-its security system. I do warn that this project contains the use of mildly dangerous electric shock. If you or your intended Cheese-it burgular (victim) has a pre-existing heart problem that requires a pace-maker I personally advise that you avoid this project or any nearby powerlines.

Step 1: Materials

-Cheese-it (or any other brand) box
-disposable camera modified as a stun gun (search for "home-made tazer")
-AA battery for camera
-paper clips (2)
-ducktape or any other type for that matter

Step 2: Paper Clip Insertion

The idea is to get a section of the paper clip exposed, but not too obvious. You might have to use a pocket knife to pilot the holes.

Step 3: Attaching the Leads

I already had a working camera stun gun with alligator clips, but the principal is the same: you are making a series curcuit with your friend as the switch. for extra precaution, put some tape over the conections.



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    I'd like to try mixing graphite with some type of glue to see if I could get a paste that would dry conductive...

    5:2 is a ratio that works, graphite powder to glue

    t5ry it

    also for conductive tape ju stick a bit f copper wire onto the back of duct tape

    EXTREMLY BAD IDEA i just tried to make one and i burnt my thunb and my forefinger on the capacitor. If you do try to make one wear latex or leather gloves!!

    A bit of an afterthought. You cannot use any type of disposable camera. Many of the more expensive ones have some sort of quick cap recharge, meaning that you get more than a little zap. If you buy the cheapest flash disposable possible, you should be fine. The one used in this project cost about $4 and is tongue-tested for mildness.

    Wow. The one I made caused both of my arms to involuntarily shoot up when I was jiggling both of the paperclip contacts I had poorly soldered on (one wasn't making a good contact). According to wikipedia, this was around 0.01 to 0.02 amperes.

    i did that and nearly broke my lamp

    What were you doing with your lamp?

    i was doing this at my desk at night and my hand jerked up and hit it

    I'm going to be completely honest. That cracked me up. I've swung my hand in a few walls, but never into a lamp.