Why do I call it Cheech and Chong computing, because they do not need no stinking disk drives. What we did  was to  remove every drive on the system but still eventuallly had the computer working!

The laptop was built in probably 1990, which is ancient history for most any computer. Amazing it still even works. It was a sort of a nettop before anyone ever though about nettops. As you can or will see the floppy and the dvd-rom drive were external so that you did not have to use them unless you needed to. Hard frive is removeable also.

Note: you could do this just one machine or a whole office or school.

Step 1: Doing Fine

At one time the laptop ran MSWindows ME, then that was evenutally changed to linux when Microsoft stopped supporting MSWindeows ME. The laptop is running fine when I needed to use the floppy drive. Wait, there is no real software for floppy might as well get rid of it.

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