Introduction: Cheepest But Fully Functioning DIY Tripod Stand for Camera.

Picture of Cheepest But Fully Functioning DIY Tripod Stand for Camera.

This is a DIY project cost 0$


  • cardboard
  • nut (fit to camera hole)
  • 30 cm copper wire
  • 10 minute


We made a cheapest tripod stand for our camera. We use a piece of cardboard tape and wire to make out tripod stand.

Step 1: Making the Base

Picture of Making the Base

just cut a triangle of card board with respect to your camera. Make sure that all angle must of 60 degree.

For Sony cyber shot camera the measurement are given in pictures.

next find the center of circle. just draw straight lines from each vertices

Step 2: Attaching the Legs,

Picture of Attaching the Legs,

attach all three legs(copper wires) to the vertices of triangle and use small amount of tape when needed.

At the end bend the legs for more grip as shown is picture and enjoy your new tripod stand.


you can increase the length of this tripod stand and you can add more copper wires for better strength


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