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Introduction: Cheer Bow

Need a bow that you can show off at a cheerleading event?
This tutorial will show you how to properly produce a cheer style bow to ensure that you will fit in at any cheer-leading event.

Time Estimate:

· 15 Minutes.

What You’re Going To Need:

· 28 inches long, 3 inches wide grosgrain (type of ribbon)

· Rhinestone or something alike for the center of the bow

· Zip tie

· Hot glue

· Scissors

· Lighter

· Hair tie

Step 1: Step One

Match ends and fold of grosgrain to make diagonal cuts, cut at a 60-degree angle. Heat the ends to ensure that the grosgrain does not unravel.

Step 2: Step Two

Create the ‘awareness ribbon’ shape, and move the back layer under the top two layers. Then fold the first crease towards the back of the bow.

Step 3: Step Three

Add a hair tie to the back of the bow, and place a zip-tie in the center and pull tight. Hot glue the center to ensure that it does not move and unravel the bow.

Step 4: Step Four

You can then decorate the middle of the bow with whatever type of decoration you want!



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    That's a cute bow :)