Have you ever wanted to tweet at your Christmas tree to change its color? Well now you can! Follow this guide to build a set of Christmas lights which will connect to Cheerlights. Anyone can tweet @cheerlights with a color, and all Cheerlights-connected devices all over the world will update to that color.

Parts List

Tools Needed:

  • Soldering iron
  • Heat gun
  • Typical electronics tools like wire strippers, flush cutters, etc.
  • 3D printer (optional - you can make your own case however you like)

Step 1: Solder Circuit

Solder the circuit according to the diagram. You will also need to solder male headers onto the Huzzah to be able to upload code.

Usually, LED strips from AliExpress come with a spare connector. After carefully checking which wire is power, signal, and ground (the order varies depending on which strip you get), slide some heat shrink on the wires and solder your power, ground, and signal wires to the extra connector. Then apply heat to the heat shrink to protect your connections. If your LEDs did not come with connectors, Adafruit makes some great ones.

Why the extra IC, you ask? Well, the ESP8266 is a 3.3V logic microcontroller, and addressable LEDs are designed to work with 5V logic. Often you can get the LEDs to work with 3.3V logic, but I wanted to be sure this would work and also to learn something new. The IC converts the logic level of the LED signal to 5V, so it should work flawlessly.

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Bio: I love doing fun projects with LEDs!
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