I like soda and I like card games. If you play a tcg be it Magic or World of Warcraft you need something to keep you deck in. For those of you that do not play cards a deck is the set of specific cards that you have put together to play the game. Deck boxes can be expensive, but are necessary to protect your cards. You can spend the three or four dollars on a deck box, but why spend money on deck boxes that you could spend on more cards or even more soda. I built a deck box using the cardboard and cans from a case of soda.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following

- Three or four cans of empty soda - start drinking
- Case that soda came in - yay recycling
- duct tape
- exacto knife
- hobby knife
- scissors
- permanent marker
- pencil
- glue
-deckbox for reference
- ruler

Work area
A surface that you can work on that will not mind being cut or nicked

Safety Message
You need to be careful. You should wear gloves or some protective eye wear. I am not sure why you might need to wear eye wear, but nearly every safety message I have ever seen has recommended it so I am following tradition. If you are a child do not do this alone. You are cutting metal and the cans are like razors after you cut them. You could easily slice yourself and get a nasty infection. The infection would make you sad.
I'm just wondering, but why the hell did you put this in Nerf?
I have no idea how this ended up in the nerf section for a while, but now it is back in the card games section.
Why is this in the nerf section? Also, I'm so jealous of your signed deck box!
This is a good idea! you should put a slot on the bottom for dealing from the box! OR BETTER YET, put a slot on the bottom edge, with a motor and rubber wheel on the bottom so you can deal electronically!
So, my question is, how do you keep your cards from getting sticky? LOL! Nice idea!
The tape is attached to the cardboard on the inside. Also the sleeves help. Thanks for the comment.
Cool idea! I'll have to try it out. I think I'll use grape soda and purple duct tape!
Thanks Sarah. I would have liked to use red duct tape, but I had grey on hand.

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