Introduction: Cheese Ball Prank

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My family is very much fond of cheese balls & they appreciate whenever I make it. Suddenly this idea came in my, instead of using cheese stuff, let us try with lemons and I hope it goes well.
I thought I would share the process & result here
I have tried to put the steps in pictorial way which is always easy to understand

Step 1: Ingredient Required

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a. Lemon
b. Bread Slices
c. Bread Crum
d. Oil to fry

Step 2: Dip the Bread Slice Into Water and Squeeze It

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Dip the bread slice into water and squeeze it

Step 3:

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Keep the squeezed bread  layer below & lemon on the top, Cover the lemon with bread layer

Step 4:

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Make a round ball as given below

Step 5:

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Cover the lemon ball with bread crum and deep fry it

Step 6: Finally Cheese Ball Prank Is Ready

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try and if you feel it is  a good idea. Pl vote for me

Step 7: How to Make Cheese Ball Prank

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I have tried my best to present the steps in pics form and i feel it is very easy & fast to make balls.


SonikaJAnand (author)2015-07-27

Thanks for sharing. These remind me of the bread roll my mom used to make. Will try to make this over the weekend

iitian (author)2013-03-21

great idea

carterbacon (author)2013-03-21


sanorita (author)carterbacon2013-03-21

thnx, for your expression

sanorita (author)2013-03-16

yes. once anybody will eat this. nxt time will think 100 times to eat ( experience says )

ravenking (author)2013-03-16

How does it taste? Did you try it?

sanorita (author)2013-03-14

thanks for your suggestion. I will try to put more steps & resubmit it

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