Introduction: Cheese Egg Toast

I recently saw a recipe on Crazy Adventures in Parenting for a baked egg toast with cheese. I tried it and loved it, so I've made a tutorial for you guys along with a how-to video.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Picture of Gather Your Ingredients

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next gather up your ingredients:

  1. Sliced bread, a bit thicker than normal sandwhich bread.
  2. Cheese (i'm using a blend of four mexican cheeses, i believe)
  3. Room temperature eggs, the same number as the number of bread slices you have
  4. A small bit of butter or vegetable oil

That's all you need! If your eggs aren't at room temperature, put them in warm but not scalding water for about 5 minutes, or they won't cook in time.

Step 2: Create Space for the Eggs

Picture of Create Space for the Eggs

Place your bread on a half sheet pan or cookie sheet.

Using a spoon, create a square indentation in the middle of the bread (see picture). Use the tip of your spoon to create the edges, and the back of the spoon to push down the middle.

Next, using a brush, brush on some oil around the rim of the bread. This will create good adhesion for the cheese.

Step 3: Add Cheese and Eggs

Picture of Add Cheese and Eggs

Sprinkle the oiled rim of the bread with cheese. Try to be careful and not get cheese on the baking sheet, because it will definitely burn.

Finally, crack an egg into the middle of the bread slices.

Step 4: Bake

Picture of Bake

Place the cookie sheet into the middle of your 350 degree oven and bake for 8-10 minutes, or until the egg is just barely runny.

In this particular recipe, I have found that the egg always comes out a bit runny. If you keep the toast on too long it will burn before the egg is completely firm. I like them runny, so this is perfect for me.

Step 5: Serve to a Greatful Audience

After removing from the oven, season and serve your lovely baked egg cheese toast. This is a very easy meal to make, and consider how good it tastes, I will be making it very often.

You can check out my YouTube channel here, I post new cooking videos every friday:


Blue Hawaii (author)2014-12-28

I like this variation on "eggs in a window" or whatever everyone else calls this dish. I like how you made an indentation in the bread instead of how I use a cookie cutter to make the "window". I will give this a go. Thanks.

mduncan8 (author)Blue Hawaii2015-01-13

I have always heard that called eggs in a basket.

Thank you very much! I thought about using a cookie cutter too but didn't have the right sized one, so this worked out perfectly for me!

A glass or shot glass works, either to depress the bread or cut a hole.

VeronicaT (author)2015-01-06

Thank you for sharing. I'm gonna try them. I'll use some parchment paper to make clean up easier :)

JonathanMalott (author)VeronicaT2015-01-06

You're very welcome!

elizabeth.daugherty3 (author)2015-01-06

Can I pinch this recipe for my cookbook?

Absolutely you can!

Dominion-Network (author)2015-01-02

I legitimately just made these, my good they tasted so good, but for my oven I think I need to do 6-7 minutes for nicely runny eggs

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

luna fox wolf (author)2014-12-28

I made it!

mduncan8 (author)2015-07-30

I made this but with my toaster oven... I found the eggs kind of hard or rubbery...

ebernal3 (author)2015-02-08

I had some trouble keeping the Eggs in boundaries, but I think the slices might have been too thin. Otherwise, a great and simple dish

JonathanMalott (author)ebernal32015-02-08

Thank you! I found that texas toast is thick enough to hold the egg.

percyyyyyyyy made it! (author)2015-01-31

so simple and so delicious. great idea

tina47 (author)2015-01-17

good breakfast! :)

chocolateface made it! (author)2015-01-16

It was delicious! Instead of oil, I used melted butter on the edges and it tasted more like the toasts I used to eat as a kid. Thanks for the childhood memories :)

Mich0P made it! (author)2015-01-15


Thanks :)

simin.sr83 (author)2015-01-11

Thanx at all,

Venerable made it! (author)2015-01-07

Thanks, the cheesy egg toast was great. I only had standard sliced bread on hand so I just doubled up on the toast. Good motivation to get the home made bread maker back out.

wertyleigh (author)2015-01-06

I think everyone has grown up with a variation of this in one form or another. Myself, Eggy in a basket. The baking and cheese sound like a great upgrade though. although I do wonder if Black sauce on the bread before the cheese would make it better, or a very, very thin spread of marmite..... just a thought...

I experimented with something like this a few months ago. I put a hole in it instead of depressing it, and used butter to fry the egg inside. I found putting cheese before the egg made a nice crispy underside.

MichaelAtOz (author)2015-01-06

Needs bacon. Every thing needs more bacon. Diced and sprinkled on top I think, yummmm...

TexasD (author)2015-01-06

We grew up calling them "egg in a basket" and they were fried. This sounds great and also is healthier for us.

Photomancer (author)2015-01-06

Looks tasty and simple - which is great for breakfast.

I'm wondering if using an "insulated" cookie sheet (double walled) might allow for longer cooking times for those who like less runny eggs without burning the toast. Will try and see.

Like others, the mashing down of the bread is better than cutting all the way through. What I think is great about this is it scales up to a full cookie sheet size so you can do 8-10 of them for the whole tribe/friends all at once.

Thank you very much! I think an insulated cookie sheet is a good idea.

smikette (author)2015-01-06

looks yummy. i grew up calling it "egg in a nest".

jerry.ericsson2 (author)2015-01-06

Looks a lot like the bulls-eyes I used to cook for my kids when they were young and mom was at work. I would take a slice of bread, using jar lid cut out the center, butter both sides of the rest of the bread, place in a hot fry pan, drop some butter in the middle, then crack an egg in the middle, and fry, when half done, flip and fry the other side while browning the toast, put the cut out in the pan as well and toast. When done serve with the centers over the egg, and the kids used to like ketcup over the top of it all. Not as healthy but nearly as tasty I assure you and much quicker to make.

AmyLuthien (author)2015-01-06

My grandmother (and mother, and myself) call these "toad-in-a-hole", they've always a favorite in my family!

jannie.lloyd (author)AmyLuthien2015-01-06

to me "toad in a hole" is sausage in a yorkshire pudding type batter. Never heard of it applied to eggy toast type recipes.

AmyLuthien (author)jannie.lloyd2015-01-06

I've never heard of a sausage and Yorkshire pudding before, so couldn't really comment ;)

Vmtr (author)AmyLuthien2015-01-06

I used to eat at a restaurant that sold a "British breakfast" which contained a toad-in-a-hole. I don't think it had the cheese, though.

AmyLuthien (author)Vmtr2015-01-06

We never put cheese on them in my family, but it's cheese, cheese is always a good addition! :D

BigAndRed (author)AmyLuthien2015-01-06

I call it "toad-in-a-hole" as well and my friends dispute this name quoting google searches for all sorts of things.

I dont cook for those friends anymore, they miss out, HA HA!!!!

AmyLuthien (author)BigAndRed2015-01-06

For sure! :D And besides, my grandmother was calling them toad-in-a-holes long before Google was even an idea :D

throbscottle (author)2015-01-06

oh oh oh oh mmmmm droooll... I gonna tryyyy mmmmmm...

RichardBronosky (author)2015-01-06

Your partner deserves sourdough. The square white sandwich bread screams, "I wasn't prepared for this." But otherwise, great idea. This doesn't look that unique at first, but the smooshed instead of removed center is a nice surprise.

I've tried the cutout method and thought it was a letdown. I serve eggs and toast cooke separately all the time. I'll give this a shot.

CowBoYReXSr (author)2015-01-06

I like it, it Is slightly different, but I think its called "toad-in-a-hole". but great spin to it and great instructable.

bubbaclaw (author)2015-01-06

Great instruct. This is the first version I've ever seen where there wasn't a hole all the way through the bread. I like this version.

Harry Gumboot (author)2015-01-06

I love eggs. I love cheese. I love eggs and/or cheese for breakfast. I have never thought of this. My life is now complete. Thank you internet, thank you Jonathan. Will definitely be checking your utube to see if you're as good a cook as me.

No, seriously, this sounds great. And as a basis for even more experimentation...

Thank you so much! I'm probably not as good of a cook as you :)

ashleyjlong (author)2015-01-06

Looks delicious! I'll need to try this over the weekend.

billbillt (author)2015-01-06

Makes me hungry to look at this...YUM!!!!.....

Leopardstripes (author)2015-01-06

Thank you for this recipe! This will be so much easier than the technique I've been using, and I *love* the addition of the cheese. I know my kids will, too! :) Guess what we're having Sunday morning....

jannie.lloyd (author)2015-01-06

This sounds very much like a recipe I used to make when my son was little. Thanks for the reminder. I will make it for the grand-kids at the week-end

You're very welcome!

Snidely70448 (author)2015-01-06

My family used to do "Popeye Eggs", which is poking or cutting a hole in the center of the bread, putting the bread on a buttered frying pan and dropping an egg in the middle, letting it cook a bit and then turning it over. This is an interesting variation, but I KNOW my wife wouldn't go for runny eggs. No way, no how!

SparkyOR (author)2015-01-06

I just made these the other day, because I saw someone doing it on a stove top in a movie. I slightly toasted my bread first, indented it, used a preheated cast iron skillet, at medium, put a wee bit of butter in the pan. Put in the bread, (Ezekial sprouted takes longer, hence the pre-toast. Crack the egg in, (I didn't know about cheese, next time), and put a lid over it. Was yummy

nliwilson (author)2015-01-06

Use Chedder cheese with a good dash of Worcestershire sauce and you've got an old fashioned British dish called Buck Rarebit, which is a derivation of a dish called Welsh Rarebit. :)

dlowe5 (author)2015-01-01

I like that this is baked. We cut out a hole and fry with the egg in the middle, called toad in a hole.

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