Step 12: Other Cheeses

Picture of Other Cheeses
brie cut 1.JPG
I hope you give cheese making a try.  It's a very rewarding hobby.  If you do attempt it though, don't rely on this instructable as your sole source of information.  There is a lot of research and preparations to do before starting cheese making.

Good Luck!

Some other cheeses I've attempted to make include Cheddar, Gouda, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Brie, and Manchego.  Manchego is my favorite, I don't have a picture because it doesn't last long enough to take one.

Next on my list is Blue Cheese.

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mjohnson841 year ago
Thanks for the video! I have a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat in milk and am getting kind of tired of the soft cheese. :) I need to get my press made. Thanks for the instructable!!!
Phiske2 years ago
Nice job! I'm gonna give it a try. I live in Ecuador where there isn't a great variety of cheeses. Some tend to think "cheese is cheese" that is, that there is only one way to make it. Now I just have to find the cultures.....
turbobug2 years ago
how much cheese does two gallons of milk make?
target022 (author)  turbobug2 years ago
Usually, 2 gallons of whole milk will make a 2lb wheel of cheese. Slightly less with harder cheeses because you press out more of the water.
Frederbee3 years ago
Awesome job! Your cheeses look amazing. According to my book, the swiss gets bigger holes, the bigger the round. For instance, Emmental gets its lovely holes from being made in 180-200lb rounds, which are a bit too much for home cheese ^^ Good luck with the blues!
Beautiful cheese! Wow, I can only imagine how good it is. Nice work...very inspiring, although I don't know I'd have the patience needed.